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At Andesite Partners, we specialise in matching top-tier talent with businesses in a wide range of industries, from private equity to real estate.

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Private Equity


Growth Capital


Venture Capital




Real Estate

Urban Building

Example of Completed Assignments

Investment Search

2 x Investment Associate (Global Buy-Out)
1 x Investment VP (European Growth Tech)
2 x Investment MD (Global Venture Capital)
3 x Investment Analyst (European Infrastructure)
2 x Investment Associate (European Real Estate)
1 x Investment Partner (European Mid-Market)

Portfolio Search

Head of CorpDev (PE-Backed Legal Asset)
Head of M&A (PE-Backed Accounting Asset)
M&A Director (PE-Bached Tech/Software Asset)
M&A AD (PE-Backed Industrials Asset)
2 x M&A VP (PE-Backed Retail Asset)
Director of CorpDev (PE-Backed Medical Asset)

Client Testimonials

"Jose's offer management and candidate engagement throughout our extensive 12-stage process are difficult to find. I would recommend him to anybody looking to hire investment professionals."

- Principal, European Large-Cap (Technology Team)
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